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We are the premier boudoir photography studio in Dayton, Ohio – also serving clients from Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo, Indianapolis and beyond. A Blush Boudoir album makes the perfect anniversary gift for your spouse, the perfect wedding gift for your husband-to-be, or simply a gift for yourself. Every woman deserves this experience – let us make you feel like a model and show you how beautiful you are. You will walk away transformed, we promise! (read our client testimonials)







































































The Blush Boudoir Photography Experience

The Blush Experience

Your transformation begins when you step through the pink door at the historic Blush Boudoir photography studio in downtown Dayton, Ohio. Cast any nervousness aside as the beauty team warmly greets you and works easy yet remarkable magic as you sip on a glass of sparkling wine. Your Blush Boudoir Photographer then previews the shoot with you; you slip into your first outfit; and — before you know it — you’re posing, smiling and fully enjoying the Blush Experience. Read more about the Blush Experience…

The Blush Boudoir Photography Studio

The Blush Studio

Our exclusive Blush Studio is 100% dedicated to our boudoir photography, with multiple indoor sets and a stunning courtyard for unique outdoor shoots. We’re located in the heart of Downtown Dayton in one of the oldest buildings in Ohio – instantly recognizable by our signature pink doors.
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The Blush Boudoir Photography and Beauty Team

The Blush Team

Our all-female staff of professional makeup artists, hairstylists and boudoir photographers are among the most talented in the region. We know exactly how to make you into the most beautiful version of yourself, and how to pose you and capture stunning images in which you will see exactly how beautiful you are. Many clients say that spending the day with us is like hanging out with good friends – where everybody is focused on you. You are in good hands… Meet our team…

Blush Boudoir Photography Gallery

We've been shooting boudoir at our current studio since 2010, and in that time over a thousand women have come through our pink doors. Many have graciously allowed us to share their beautiful images in the following portfolio galleries we've put together to show what we can do. None are professional models - they are ALL regular women, just like you.

Here are a few reasons clients come to do a session at Blush Studio:

Blush Boudoir Photography Gallery - Favorites
Blush Boudoir Photography Gallery - Soft and Sweet
Bridal Boudoir Photography - The Ultimate Groom Gift Idea
Maternity Pictures - Boudoir Baby Bump
Blush Boudoir Photography Gallery - Inked
Over Forty and Sexy
Blush Boudoir Photography Gallery - White Sheets
Plus Size Boudoir Photography
Blush Boudoir Photography Gallery - Inspiration
Blush Boudoir Photography Gallery - Provocative
Blush Boudoir Photography Gallery - Dark and Moody

The Love

We’re fortunate to have so many of our past boudoir photography clients share their wonderful thoughts about their experiences at Blush Boudoir. Some of our favorites are below – both in written word and in a video we did a while back. View more testimonials here…

“It was one of the best experiences of my life…”

“It was one of the best experiences of my life…”

"I have been thinking hard about what I would like to say about my Blush experience. Throughout my whole life I have struggled with body image and comparing myself to others. I would put myself down and get sad over not being a certain size or not looking like the...

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“I LOVE this version of me…”

“I LOVE this version of me…”

"I turned 40 this year!! My Blush session was my gift to myself. I was looking to do something completely indulgent and totally for me. When I came across the Blush site, I knew this was exactly what I needed to do to find ME again. It's so easy to loose sight of...

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"The photos were so beautiful I had to ask myself if they were really me!" - Sydney