“How do I put into words my experience with Blush Boudoir? Let me start by saying, I am blessed to have a husband who adores me and makes me feel beautiful even with a messy bun, yoga pants, and no makeup. My four children view me as strong and active, and self worth finally comes pretty easily for me at the age of 36. However, taking time to do anything by or for myself is much harder, and honestly comes with a slight amount of ‘stay at home mom guilt’.

“With that being said, I am thrilled that I took the day and spent it with the team of Blush Boudoir, as my guilt was quickly pushed aside. I walked through their gorgeous pink door (my favorite color), and into a group of wonderful women. Trista and Ali greeted me as if we were reunited friends, and I was led to a soft, furry director’s chair for hair and makeup. Ali complemented my hair color while Trista asked me about lipstick colors. We talked about families and travel, and I was immediately comfortable and relaxed.

“I was then introduced to Tracy and Danielle. I was guided upstairs by these women who were not just making me feel beautiful, but who were genuinely complimenting ‘me’. Tracy and Danielle guided me along the way, and allowed me to be my unique, happy, and sarcastic self throughout the session. The beauty and confidence that these two women brought out of me, and then captured were as raw and real as I have ever seen myself.

“While the images are stunning, authentic, and empowering; the true gift for me was watching strong women with amazing individual talents come together, building one another up. I was able to be included for a brief moment in time, and it was magical. Thank you all for sharing a day with a stay at home Mom who bombarded you with conversations, and shared laughs. Thank you for spoiling me and for showing me that taking time for oneself is not selfish, but rather a necessity. Thank you for leaving me feeling renewed in my femininity! ?” – Jennifer

Photographer: Danielle DeBorde
MUA: Trista Noe
Hairstylist: Ali Romano