“Erik and I just had our wedding at the Packard Museum on Saturday and everything went so amazing! It was a beautiful day that started out with Erik receiving his gift that you and I created for him. As I mentioned before this was an incredible experience for me.

Doing a Blush session was definitely out of my comfort zone. Body image for me (and most other females) is a huge concern when being photographed, especially in the ways that Blush shoots. Walking up to the house I felt an enormous amount of anxiety, but Trista and Hannah made me feel incredible from the start. Being pampered and complimented is just what a girl needs! When you arrived, Tracy, I really felt like I had known you forever although we had just met. Your presence is calming and comfortable! The house itself was fantastic and the entire session just got better and better as we continued on. I left feeling a different kind of sexy that I’ve never really allowed myself to feel. I was nervous to give this to my husband because of how goofy I felt after doing it and seeing all the amazing pictures of me in such a different light. While Erik and I didn’t see each other the morning or evening before the wedding, his gift was given to him in private, although he did open it around his friends without knowing not to, and immediately shut it with his face turning red. I didn’t get a video or image of his facial expression, but when I walked down the aisle and we saw each other for the first time, he whispered “that gift has driven me crazy all day.” He has since expressed how amazing I look in photos and the way he sees me in the photos is how he truly sees me every day. It was a gift that worked out for the both of us and ended up reminding me of how my husband really sees me even when I’m just out of bed without any make-up on. So Tracy and your team- thank you, from Erik and from me. Your work does wonders for all of us girls. Keep doing what you’re doing! Much love.” – Mariah

Photographer: Tracy Pote
Makeup Artist: Trista Noe
Hairstylist: Hannah Davis