“Fairly early on in my relationship with Bobby, he was finishing up his degree in Fashion Design at DAAP, and his senior project was a lingerie collection. He asked me to be one of his fit models- which really was flattering and extremely frightening at the same time! After standing up in front of his esteemed colleagues and the faculty of the program, I thought to myself (years later, mind you), This would be the PERFECT wedding gift for him!

Well, the time finally came (a mere 5 years later). I googled “boudoir photography” and after becoming discouraged at the generally poor quality and lack of professionalism of most of the studios, I came upon Blush… and I knew my search was over. I probably contemplated it for about a week before I decided to bite the bullet.

The day of the shoot, traffic was a nightmare- and I was coming from Cincinnati. I sat on 75N at a standstill for what seemed like an eternity; all the while growing more and more anxious about what I was about to do! I finally arrived (I think only a few minutes late, to my surprise!). I was greeted by three lovely smiling faces, and a glass of champagne! I thought to myself: These ladies already know me! This is going to be just fine!

I sat and had my hair and makeup done (while sipping on more champagne, of course) and slowly, my nerves started to calm. We joked and laughed for about an hour… and then, it was time.

Tracy and I had reviewed some photos that I had “pinned” and she had some suggestions that she thought would fit into my vision. So I changed into my first “outfit” if you will, and we were off! I was amazed at how comfortable I felt with her- even though, yes, she was a complete stranger, and yes, I was essentially completely nude! (Well- that part came later…!) We moved to various spots around the studio finding the best lighting and best angles; truly making me feel like a super model! She was so complimentary and and after a second make-up look, we did another wardrobe change and then the white sheet session. By this time, we were like old friends.

As the session neared its end, it felt like it had all been a dream! All sense of worry or insecurities were gone… any doubt that I had about the quality of images and level of professionalism: gone. And now, I couldn’t wait to see the images! (Not just for Bobby, but for myself!)

Tracy sent me a preview of some of the photos a few days later, and needless to say, I was blown away! When she emailed me the link to the webgallery a few days after that, I was so excited to go home and see them that I left work early! I can honestly say that I had trouble narrowing down the photos for the book! So much so, that not only did I get the book for his present, I also ordered the flash drive of all of my images! (It just seemed so unfair to the other images to leave them out!)

We were able to get some great shots of Bobby’s reaction to the gift the day of the wedding, and it is clear from his reaction that he was pleased, to say the least! Now that the cat is out of the bag, I can’t wait to spread the word about the wonderful Blush Boudoir Studio! It truly is the BEST gift that I have ever given… to Bobby and myself!” -Rebecca

Photographer: Tracy Malott
Makeup Artist: Trista Noe
Hairstylist: Hannah Davis

Blush Boudoir