“I want to thank the Blush team for such an amazing experience. I was extremely nervous especially since this was after having two children and I do not have confidence in myself AT ALL. I walked through that door and was put at ease so quickly. From the hair and makeup team to the amazing photographer Jessica, I felt beautiful and sexy and BELIEVED I was as well. I am in a new relationship with someone who makes me feel beautiful and talks me up every day, and I felt that after a rough few years before meeting him that this would be the perfect gift for him and a great experience for myself.

“After I left I felt really confident and excited. The emotional repair that I have experienced since coming into this relationship was enhanced by this session. It is so crazy how Jessica took my awkward, clumsy, shy and uncomfortable self and captured me in a way I never viewed myself. When my boyfriend saw just a few of the photos (because I cannot keep a secret), he teared up and could not stop talking about how beautiful I was and also commenting on the photography and how well everything was captured. It was really a bonding experience for us both and I cannot wait to do another one next year!” – Ms. J

Photographer: Jessica Hites
MUA: Heidi Maleky
Hairstylist: Ashley Dennon