“Struggling with body image and thinking negatively of yourself is something a lot of women experience all too often. I was one of those women. Only recently have I developed a healthy mind-set and shining confidence that every women should have. When you walk through the little pink door at Blush Studio, the walls you built of negative thoughts and insecurities about yourself just vanish.

“Tracy, Jessica and the entire team at Blush are so professional and make you feel so comfortable in your skin. Through their coaching and feedback, they help you emerge the true goddess that you are. This experience has been everything I could have ever imagined. Loving yourself and embracing the woman you are is only the beginning of the magic you will experience during and after your session. If you are considering booking a session, either for yourself or your significant other, do not hesitate. It’s time to let your walls down, embrace your inner goddess, and shower yourself in self love. You deserve it.” – Ms. S

Photographer: Jessica Hites
Makeup Artist/Hairstyle: Heidi Maleky