“Where to begin…. I’m 47 and find myself feeling inadequate, comparing myself to other women and wondering what I can change on myself to make me look younger, more attractive, better. I workout, mountain bike, trail run…but never feels enough. Always desperately trying to turn back the clock. Then I met someone who told me that I should do a boudoir photo shoot. I thought omg NEVER!! Are you kidding me?

“Well… it stuck in my mind this entire year, and finally in October something happened that made me say Fuck It! I sat in the parking lot at work and reached out to Blush. Tracy and I immediately bonded and I was beyond excited after that call. But then I had to wait 2 months?! Haha…. someone who said ‘hell no’, to someone who was counting down the days!! I was so nervous the day of the shoot, but immediately felt at ease once I walked through those lovely pink doors. Then to walk upstairs to see the studio in person…. my god. Breathtaking. Tracy and I instantly connected and I trusted being in her talented hands. I started coming out of my own skin immediately and owning the person that was inside of me. The 47 y/o strong, intelligent, witty, powerful, sexy, beautiful woman that I am.

“When Tracy sent me a preview picture the next day, with me in front of the fireplace, I sat in silence and stared. I told her, ‘If I saw this picture somewhere, I would want to be that girl’. I found myself wanting to be…me.

“This is a gift that goes beyond a book. It was a gift to myself. And I will forever be thankful to Tracy for this experience. Every woman should do this for themselves. ❤️” – Jennifer

Photographer: Tracy Pote
MUA: Trista Noe
Hairstylist: Payton Abston