The Gift of Boudoir

We have two Blush Boudoir Gift options – one for those who’d like to pay for an entire Blush Boudoir Session and/or Product Collection, and the other for those who’d simply like to give a Blush Boudoir Gift Card:

Give a Full Blush Boudoir Session

If you’d like to pay for a full Blush Boudoir session for your significant other or a REALLY good friend, fill out a short form here and we will send you a session contract and invoice link where you can make payments. Once you pay the initial session retainer, we will email your gift recipient an invite to choose a date for her session and let her know that it is a gift from you OR we’ll give you the link so you can give it to her yourself. All session info and reminder emails will be sent to her while all invoice payment emails will be sent to you.

Click here to give a full Blush Boudoir session...
Please select the session you'd like to book with this gift.

Give a Blush Boudoir eGift Card

If you are looking for a gift for a friend, our Blush Boudoir eGift Card is the perfect option and is super easy – simply go to our Gift Card page, select the amount and enter your recipient’s name and email address (or have it emailed to you), pay with a credit or debit card and DONE!

Our eGift Cards are in a digital format with a custom number that the gift recipient will enter when paying their Blush Studio invoice. 

(physical Blush Boudoir Gift Cards coming soon!)