“Thank you so much for this! I had to wait to respond until I finally got to give this gift to my husband for our first anniversary. (And it was so hard to wait once I got them!) Let me just say, this is pretty out-of-the-box for me. I’m not super comfortable trying to look “sexy” and I’m definitely not in the athlete’s shape I used to be in, so I was definitely nervous! From the moment I walked in that adorable pink door, Hannah and Trista did everything to make me comfortable. Not only did they do a fabulous job on my hair and makeup, but they kept up a nice chatter to keep me calm and comfortable while we prepared. I think we all got a kick out of the fact that my husband came into town with me, drove me to my appointment, and wandered downtown while I was doing this, but had no idea what I was really up to! Tracy, you were everything I had hoped for going into this.

“I chose to come all the way to Blush Studio because I’d heard wonderful things and had been looking at the amazing pictures you’ve taken of everyone. I don’t think there’s a single unflattering picture out there! And boy did you come through for me! I was so comfortable and felt so amazing. This was such an empowering experience, I told my husband it could count as his anniversary gift but also a birthday gift to myself this year! When he opened his present this look of shock and awe on his face was priceless! I enjoyed the process that made me feel so good about myself, but he’s definitely going to enjoy the final product 😉

“Someday I may be lucky enough to come back, but I’ll never be able to thank you enough for helping me remember that even in a tshirt I can be sexy and my husband will never be able to forget how hot his wife is now!” – Mandy

Photographer: Tracy Pote
MUA: Trista Noe
Hairstylist: Hannah Davis