“I never really knew what to expect with my Blush Boudoir session, you can look on Pinterest for a thousand images of inspiration but nothing really prepares you how to feel before, during and after! I know after a quick Google search I found many articles about “dropping 10 pounds before your boudoir session” or “tricks on achieving your whitest smile and darkest tan.” It’s difficult to not get caught up in feeling the need to look a certain way before your session but I am 100% serious when I say you are beautiful now! You don’t need to put pressure on yourself to look a certain way before your Blush Boudoir session! So stop the Google searching and go shopping for something cute to wear!

“I was referred to Blush Studio by my event planner Brooke at Pink with Envy Events and I am so happy I took them up on the suggestion! Not only was this a beautiful gift for my groom on our wedding day but it ended up being a beautiful gift to myself! The weeks prior I probably chickened out a dozen times and I know I frantically emailed and messaged Tracy to calm my nerves a time or too! It’s so true what they say about being your biggest critic! I probably brought with me at least a dozen outfits, I had no idea what to pick or what would look good photographed. The days leading up to my session were filled full of anxiety! But let me tell you the honest truth – once I crossed the threshold through those pretty pink doors all my worries subsided! I had the most beautiful glam team imaginable, they were so down to earth and just beautiful souls! We chatted about everything under the sun, while sipping on some amazing white wine! They knew exactly what to do to highlight all of my features with little suggestion from myself! I didn’t really have set expectations coming into my session, I just knew I wanted to see myself how my friends and family see me instead of how I sometimes see myself! And wow did that happen! After being glamorized up to high heavens I was able to finally meet Tracy and seriously everything went flawless! We picked out a few outfit combinations and the rest is history!

“In the beginning I definitely felt nervous but Tracy was so respectful and gave privacy when needed for changing or posing! She knew the exact positions and poses to place me in and even if I would move and the lighting or angle would hit me just right I knew because Tracy would get so excited and say “stay right there, that’s beautiful” and all I would hear was the fast shutters of the camera going wild! An hour session goes by so fast, you owe it to yourself to enjoy every minute of it!!

“The days leading up to my preview I got so anxious! My anxiety set in and I was so worried, worried I would get my pictures back and they would end up in a dresser drawer never to be viewed again. But, then I got my sneak peaks which left me speechless and very teary-eyed. Tracy sent me five or six pictures and said I had almost 60-70 more to choose from!! Honestly I thought that was a lie, how could I have 60-70 pictures that all looked amazing and beautiful like the sneak peaks!?!! Much to my surprise arriving on preview day I did; I couldn’t believe the woman in the photographs was actually me! I couldn’t believe the woman in the photographs was the woman my friends, family and husband loved and adored. You owe it to yourself to have fun and find the beautiful woman that sometimes gets lost in the misconceptions of society and the pressure to feel, be and look perfect. You are perfectly imperfect and don’t let anyone tell you that’s isn’t okay. I will always cherish my Blush Boudoir experience with Tracy, and I know my husband will too!” – Ms. E

Photographer: Tracy Malott
Makeup Artist: Trista Noe
Hairstylist: Hannah Davis