“I found myself inside that pink door…”

“Five years ago I was getting my nails done and talking to my friend about this new boudoir shoot she was looking forward to doing for her new boyfriend. She went on and on about how great it was going to be and how excited she was. It wasn’t until I saw her pictures that I fully understood what she was talking about, and soon I decided – why not me?

“My husband at the time was deployed overseas and I was trying to save a failing marriage. I thought why not try to reignite the fire with this new idea. However, I was very skeptical at the time because I was heavier than I had ever been and extremely uncomfortable in my own skin. But my friend kept saying ‘don’t worry, they will make you feel beautiful’, and wow what an understatement that was!

“I walked through that pink door a nervous wreck. And there was my hairstylist that I have known for years and a new face waiting with smiles and champagne. From that point on I felt comfortable, and more importantly I was happy with how I looked – a new feeling for me. Since that first visit, I learned something very important – that I found myself inside that pink door.

“Since then I have done an additional five shoots with Tracy and the Blush team. I have found new friends in this group of women who take care of you when you are there. I have irreplaceable memories with Tracy and our many shoots together. These experiences have shown me that before you can let anyone love you, you must love yourself. You must love what you see in yourself before you can truly believe anyone else does. And if there is one thing I have gained from all my times at Blush Studio, it is exactly that and to me it is priceless. If you are looking to feel uplifted and shown all the beauty you truly posses than I suggest you give this team of women at Blush a try. It’s like nothing else you will find anywhere!” – Christina C

Photographer: Tracy Pote
MUA: Payton Abston
Hairstylist: Ashley Dennon

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