“I saw the photos and I saw the fire in my eyes…”


“So, this isn’t my first rodeo with Blush. But in some ways, this might have been my hardest to wrap my head around. The first time, well over a decade ago, I did it for my husband. The second time, I was going through my divorce and reclaiming my life. The third time, I had lost a LOT of weight and was celebrating. I knew about all three of those sessions well ahead and had time to prepare.
“This time, it was a literal last minute opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. I had no outfits, no real prep time, I had gained some quarantine weight, and just ended a truly terrible relationship and was hitting a mental low. But, I threw some big girl panties on and did the thing because I had faith that it would be another baller experience and help raise my spirits a bit.

“I sat down and when I was asked what look I was going for – I told Jessica and Payton that I just wanted to feel powerful again. I wanted to look strong. And they NAILED IT. I didn’t want to be cute, or pretty, or sexy. I wanted to look like a bad b*tch who could take down a man without breaking a sweat and smile the whole time. I knew when I walked out that day that I at least looked the part, even if I didn’t feel it in my soul yet.

“And then, I saw the photos. And I saw the fire in my eyes. And I remembered just who the f*ck I am – and life hasn’t looked quite the same since. I just needed to remember.

“Do this. Do this for yourself. Even if you don’t believe it can change you, give it a chance. I AM strong. I AM powerful. I am UNF*CKWITHABLE. And so are YOU.”
– Ms. N

Photographer: Jessica Hites
Makeup Artist / Hairstylist: Payton Abston

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