“My Blush Boudoir Experience was in April 2017! I had made the decision to do a session earlier in the year for my husband as a surprise, and traveled from Pennsylvania. I was nervous when I arrived, but as I walked in and found my way through the studio – in those moments I calmed and couldn’t believe I was about to do this. I had thought of it for so many years!!

“Trista was amazing and helped me relax even more as she did my hair & makeup. Talk about immediately feeling like a celeb!! Big comfy robe, glass of champagne … LET’S DO THIS!

“There are literally no words to describe how extremely comfortable Tracy made me feel. I’ve never been more comfortable in my own skin… IN MY LIFE!! By the end of the shoot I felt like this was something I did everyday; I had ideas and posed in ways I never thought possible. Yes your back will hurt the next day, pop that booty girl!

“Nothing could have prepared me for the sneak-peak email though, the one you wait for, the one that shows you that not only did you feel like a rock star, you ARE a rock star in your own way!!

“As I scanned the pictures (in the bathroom at work haha) I came across one specific one and burst into tears! Tracy captured something I had never seen in myself … BEAUTY!! I heard it, people say it, but that day after 33 years I saw it for myself!

“That was me, I looked gorgeous,I saw a beauty I’d never seen and it was captured in the classiest way!! I thank Blush Studio for helping me give this gift to myself!! Because what started out as a 40th birthday surprise for my hubby ended up being the best thing I’ve ever done for myself! I left your building feeling empowered, uplifted & like I could take on anything life threw my way!! I can’t wait to see you again! Hubby was stunned & couldn’t believe I pulled off such a surprise. He loves his book!” xoxo – Danielle

From the husband:
“A few months ago I received a box from my wife. Inside was a photo album the two of you created. I was pleasantly surprised – thank you very much for conspiring with my wife for a great gift I know she enjoyed making as much as I enjoy flipping through the pages! Thank you again!” – Dan

Photographer: Tracy Pote
HMUA: Trista Noe