“My experience with Blush Boudoir was phenomenal. I was so nervous for the photo shoot… all the thoughts of reasons I wasn’t ready ( I am bloated, 10 more pounds, I have a zit) – bottom line is, nothing mattered. The team made me ready. My make up was impeccable, my hair was soft and flowing and most of all my photo shoot was an out of body experience!

The photo shoot was fun, relaxing and carefree. Tracy made me so comfortable and all I thought about was escaping into the pictures to make this the best wedding gift ever.

When I got the first few photos, I almost started hyperventilating before passing out. Nevertheless I did neither, but I couldn’t believe they were me! I was seductive, sexy and irresistible. I am woman, watch me roar!

I gave my husband the photo album about 30 minutes before the ceremony. He was blindfolded when I gave it to him which totally increased the anticipation. My brother (the best man) took a video of him opening it. There were no words, just ‘ooohhhs’ and ‘aaahhhs’. Even the wedding photographer had to take a peek. My husband loved every picture and his overall response was priceless. He said ‘You can do something like this anytime! I loved seeing this side of you, the one only I know.’ Thank you for a job well done!” – Rhea

Photographer: Tracy Malott
Makeup Artist: Monica McAlpin
Hairstylist: Hannah Davis












Bonus Review for our friend Aubrey:
I used Skin Food By AB Coffee Scrub one week prior to the shoot every morning in the shower. It made my skin feel tight and the smell was incredible. The day of the shoot I used the Lemon Body Butter. My skin felt like silk. I also used that on my wedding day. Everyday I use the Beet Tinted Lip Balm and it has totally resolved my dry chapped lips. They are much more kissable now ?

Photo Credit: Andrea Bell

Photo Credit: Andrea Bell