“Soon to be one year married, I wanted to give my Husband a gift he would never forget. This was my second shoot with Blush, but I had forgotten how amazing of an experience it would be and though a one year anniversary gift for him, this session ended being a gift for both of us. Over the years I have struggled with body image but I have also made major strides, particularly in the last year with loving my body and nourishing it. I would say that though I might not be at my goal weight, I am the healthiest and happiest I have ever been and so walking into the studio this time was much different for me. Every day since we met John has told me as well as showed me how beautiful he thinks I am and I wanted to show him I believed him, that a good part of my confidence comes from his daily love and encouragement.

“Tracy not only brought out that confidence but she captured it so beautifully – she is truly one of the most gifted photographers I know. My session was so empowering from start to finish, I just adore Hannah who did my hair and Trista who did my makeup. Tracy created a stunning album of hers and my favorite images. I could not wait to show my Husband the album and his reaction was exactly what I knew it would be. A little bit of blushing, a lot of smiling and pure love and adoration for his wife. Thank you to the Blush Team for once again giving me a memorable experience and images that both my Husband and I will cherish for a lifetime. And to Tracy, for using her gifts to remind me of how far I have come. I can’t wait for my next session 🙂 ” – Shana

Photographer: Tracy Malott
Makeup Artist: Trista Noe
Hairstylist: Hannah Davis