Blush Studio Photography Sessions

We have two different Photography Session options listed below to fit your desires and budget, and we offer flexible pre-payment options for those who’d like to book a session several months in advance. Photography Session fee includes professional makeup, hairstyle, studio time, photo shoot and editing time. Digital and print products are sold separately during your preview/ordering session approximately two weeks after your session.  Product Collections start at $795 (when prepaid); you can expect to pay between $1,590 and $5,390+ total for the Photography Session + Product Collection.

To request a Photography Session date, fill out our booking form and we will send you our full product details/pricing along with a link to pay your $250 session retainer which reserves your date and is credited toward your session fee. 

For those who have a session voucher, we can only honor one voucher per session; vouchers cannot be combined.

Blush Boudoir - Premier Blush Experience

Premier Blush Experience – $1,495

  • Professional Makeup + Lashes (Two Different Looks!) + Professional Hair Styling
  • Four hours of studio time dedicated exclusively to you with four+ outfits
  • 80+ retouched images for viewing/ordering
  • Preview/Ordering Session scheduled approximately two weeks after your Photography Session
  • Session fee includes $100 Product Collection Credit*
  • $250 Session Retainer required within 24 hours of booking to reserve your session date
  • Book Your Session!
Blush Boudoir - Ooh La La

Ooh La La – $795

  • Professional Makeup + Lashes (One Look) + Professional Hair Styling
  • Sixty minute photography session with two+ outfits
  • 40+ retouched images for viewing/ordering
  • Preview/Ordering Session scheduled approximately two weeks after your Photography Session
  • Session fee includes $100 Product Collection Credit*
  • $250 Session Retainer required within 24 hours of booking to reserve your session date
  • Book Your Session!

*Product Collection Credit only applies to Product Collections paid for in full on or before Preview/Order Session date.

Which session is ideal for you?

Our print/digital product offerings are the same no matter which session you do, so it all comes down to how much variety you want. The Premier Blush Experience comes with a second makeup look, twice the shooting time and twice the edited photos you’ll get to choose from when ordering (vs Ooh La La). If this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you AND your budget allows, the Premier Blush Experience is the way to go. However, if budget is a concern then we recommend the Ooh La La session so you’ll have more to spend on your print/digital product(s). You’ll still have plenty of images to choose from!

The Love

We’re fortunate to have so many of our past clients share their thoughts about their Blush sessions.   Some of our favorites are below – or view more testimonials here…

“Anyone that truly knows me, knows that doing these pictures is something that is way out of my comfort zone! My entire life I have had issues with my body and self esteem. However, after watching your Facebook and Instagram pages and reading the ladies testimonies, then watching supportive comment after supportive comment being posted I decided that this is something I can do it’s something I needed to do. I wanted to see myself the way those ladies did. Tracy you and your staff did not let me down! I now hold my head a little higher and have been able to make a some life changing decisions! Thanks isn’t enough!”

Ms. P

“Coming to Blush Boudoir and having pictures done was something I had wanted to do for a very long time. I had been having a very hard year and was beyond stressed out so I decided that it was a great time to do something for me. This experience with Blush was beyond amazing. Everyone was so great and made me feel so comfortable as soon as I walked in the door. My makeup and hair were perfect and my pics are so beautiful. This experience for me was the start of great things in my personal life and my timing could not have been better. I cannot say enough great things about Blush. I have told all of my friends. It is an experience that I will always remember. And when I am having one of those days that all of us women have when I feel horrible about myself, I pull out my pics and I am reminded of how beautiful I am.”

Ms. L

“Every woman that walks through Blush’s door has their own personal and unique story and their own intimate reasons for doing a boudoir shoot. For me, this experience was by far more than just a photo shoot. My husband of 20 years has always told me how beautiful and sexy I am, but I could never see what he sees. After 3 kids and of course gravity, I hadn’t felt beautiful in a long time. The team made me feel comfortable from the beginning. I couldn’t believe I was the girl in the pictures that were revealed to me. I finally saw the beautiful woman that my husband has always told me was there.”

Ms. M

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Blush Boudoir?

Blush Boudoir ExperienceThere are several boudoir photographers in our market, and we encourage you to do some research before choosing a studio. There are different levels of experience, talent and price, but even among the best there are also different styles. You should choose a photographer whose style matches what you are looking for. As for why you should choose Blush Boudoir, here are a few things to consider:

  • Our studio has worked with over fifteen hundred clients since 2010. Our photographers have worked with clients of every age, shape and size, and know how to pose, use angles and light, and how to make clients feel comfortable in front of the camera. There is simply no other photographer or studio in Ohio that has as much experience as we do, and our work is second to none.
  • Blush Boudoir Hair Stylists and Make-up Artists are among the most talented in the region - they know exactly how to get you camera-ready and make you feel absolutely beautiful before your shoot begins!
  • Unlike most other boudoir photographers that rely on rental studios they rent by the hour, we own our studio and it is dedicated 100% to our clients. Our historic building has been staged with multiple unique sets that act as the perfect backdrop for boudoir sessions, including our private outdoor courtyard that cannot be duplicated. 
  • Still need some convincing? Don’t just take our word for it – read the MANY client testimonials we have on our site as well as our FB page and Google.
All the women on your website look amazing – what if I don’t look as good?

Our clients are all different sizes, ages and body types.  Nobody comes in looking perfect as we ALL have different things about our bodies that we are self-conscious about.  The images you see on this website are of regular women who have gained confidence through professionally-styled hair and make-up, as well as the encouragement from our photographers throughout the shoot.  NONE of the pictures you see on this website are of professional models – all are clients. It is normal to feel nervous and worry about not being a model, but we promise you that by the end you will look just just as gorgeous as the other women pictured on our website.  No matter what you look like, CONFIDENCE is the best feature you can have – for your boudoir pictures and in life!

Can I purchase ALL of the pictures taken during my shoot?

The short answer: No

There are hundreds of pictures taken during the shoot, and it is expected that the majority will end up on the cutting room floor for various reasons. Some will simply be test shots before exposure and other settings are ideal. Others will be shots leading up to the perfect moment when you as the model are in perfect position. And many others will simply not be ideal shots for whatever reason. This happens with every photo shoot no matter who the photographer is or who the model is – professional or everyday person like you. (it also happens with every movie ever made)

Only the very best images will be selected for editing, and this is where you must put your trust in your photographer. Editing is a very important part of the process, and no unedited pictures will ever be presented to the client – in the same way that an unfinished gourmet dish would never be served to a diner.

I’d love to do an intimate boudoir session with my significant other – do you offer this?

While the majority of our sessions are with individual women, we have on rare occasions photographed couples in intimate shoots.  It isn't something we normally offer as it is not something we do with just anybody.  So how do we determine who we'd offer this session to? It starts with having a connection with the female half of the couple, which happens during a solo boudoir shoot where we have an opportunity to get to know the client..   While we form some kind of connection with almost all of our clients while we shoot them, we cannot say that we'd be willing to do a couples shoot with all of them.  But we can say that doing a solo boudoir shoot with a client is the only way we can know  if we will be able to truly visually capture the intimate feeling between her and her significant other. Just as importantly, this works the other way around too.  Many (if not most) of our clients can be quite nervous the first time they do a boudoir session, and understandably so - we're capturing your beauty in the most intimate and vulnerable way possible.  ALL of our clients lose their nervousness quickly once we start shooting, and they walk out of the studio with new energy and confidence that they didn't have before - it is that confidence that is needed to truly make a couples session magical.  Your partner will benefit from your confidence as well, as he will probably be just as nervous the first time.

Can I make payments?

Yes, just let us know if you’d like to make payments for your Blush Boudoir session when you contact us to schedule your shoot. After paying your retainer to secure your scheduled date, we’ll email you an invoice with the balance that you can make payments toward with our easy-to-use online payment system. How often you make payments and how much is up to you, as long as the balance is paid on or before the day of your shoot.

To see what your suggested monthly payments would be per Blush session package, visit our package page and scroll down to the Payment Plans section. You can select a package and month you'd like to do your shoot and it will tell you how much your monthly payment would be. The further in advance you book, the less your monthly payments are - it is great for those clients on a budget, or those who would like to keep this a secret with smaller payments.

You can also make payments on your product order. After you pay 50% down, you will have six months to pay the balance due. Products can be picked up or delivered 7-10 days after your final payment is made.

Where can I find some ideas for clothing, poses, etc.?

Check out our Boudoir Ideas board on our Pinterest page, or see hundreds of pictures in our Blush Boudoir Galleries where you can find many ideas for different poses, outfits, looks and more.  During your shoot we will coach you, so do not worry if you have never posed in front of a camera before.  The key to a great shoot is to RELAX and trust your photographer.

Do I need to buy new outfits?

Although shopping is fun, using some of your favorite items that you already have can make you feel even sexier – like a button-down shirt, your favorite t-shirt or a cardigan with cute underwear and killer shoes. Or a strategically-placed scarf or tie with your favorite jeans. With boudoir, sometimes less is more. Fancy lingerie is fun but you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a new wardrobe for your shoot. Think of things that are sexy and subtle.

Do I have to use your makeup artist and hairstylist, or can I do my own?

Even if you are yourself a makeup artist, we require you to have our professional makeup artists work with you. Makeup for professional photos (especially boudoir) is much different than makeup you use for everyday life. It is also a way to for you to relax before your shoot and feel pampered – it is very much a part of the overall experience. Our makeup artist will work with you to create the the perfect look, whether you want natural or glam. You can feel confident that you will look flawless.

For hair-styling, we highly encourage you have our professional hair stylist work with you (if your session includes hair), but if you prefer to style your own hair then let us know when booking your session.

Who will be at the shoot? Should I bring a friend?

We are an all-female staffed studio, and the only people present will be the photographer, makeup artist and hair stylist (for sessions that include hair style). We recommend you come alone for the best experience, as the best photos come from the one-on-one interaction between you and the photographer. But you are welcome to bring a female friend if she doesn't mind sitting in another room during the shoot.

I’m a curvy girl, is that an issue?

Absolutely not! In fact, we love curvy girls. It is not about size, it is about who you are and the confidence you bring to the shoot. Curves are beautiful and we love to celebrate them. Plus we know exactly how to pose you and use lighting to show you at your best.  Check out our Curves Are Beautiful photo gallery and see for yourself!

What is the average age of your clients? Do you photograph older women?

Our client base varies from 21 to 65, with the average age between 28 and 40. We welcome women of all ages to come enjoy the experience of celebrating YOU. Some of our favorite clients are older women, and we have lots of experience with women of all ages – so don’t feel discouraged by age. It is all about confidence and being yourself. Check out our Stunning 40+ photo gallery and look at the beauty we capture with women over 40!

“Every photo was a photo of me at my very best: strong, soft, sexy, and sensual…” – Kaitlin