“This is by far my favorite photo shoot…”

“A boudoir session is something that every woman should experience in her life. It’s so freeing, uplifting, erotic and life changing. I recently had my third blush session in September ( I admit, I’m obsessed) but this was like no other Boudoir session…. I had the first ever ‘Witchy Boudoir’!!

“I have always known that I was different, unique… a total free spirited person. It’s took a really long time to accept all my flaws, the way I see myself, to love myself, to embrace everything that makes me who I am…. and it all started with my first session with Blush. This is why when I came up with the idea to do a witchy session and show my Pagan side, I could think of no other person but Tracy to do it!! I’m so grateful that both Tracy and Trista believed in my vision and was totally onboard with it. This is by far my favorite photo shoot and I’ll treasure it always 🖤

“Ladies out there that are on the fence about doing a boudoir session, go and do it! You don’t have to be a certain size or have the perfect hair…. you don’t have to wear lingerie, you can wear anything that you feel beautiful or sexy in, after all sexy is a State of mind! It’s okay to be your own kind of beautiful!!! Love yourself and always be your true self… and never forget you are a goddess, Own it!!!” – Ms. T

Photographer: Tracy Pote
Makeup Artist: Trista Noe
Hairstylist: Jessica Foiles

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Are you ready…

…for your own Blush Boudoir Experience?

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